Walking in Northumberland

Day Walks from amble

go north

Walk along the riverside path to the medieval village of Warkworth which brings you out by the fine ruined castle.  The walk is 1.8 miles one way and you can chose to return the same way or catch the bus back to Amble, once you have explored the quaint shops and village pubs.  To extend the walk, you can walk through the village and up the hill to Warkworth Beach (2.3miles one way).  Once on the beach a lovely option is to walk South to reach Ambles North Pier (3.5 miles).  This is the only way to access the pier, without crossing the water.  An alternative walk is to stay on the coastal path and keep walking until you reach the next village, Alnmouth (6.3miles one way).  Both Warkworth and Alnmouth are lovely spots to catch a bite to eat before returning either by foot, or by bus if you only want to walk one way. 

Day Walks from amble

go South

Walk along the beautiful coast to Hauxley and visit one of the best wildlife watching spots in the North East at Hauxley Nature Reserve, which also features a park and a cafe (2.5miles one way).  To extend the walk you can carry on from Hauxley to Druridge Bay Country Park which has a cafe and visitor centre (4.5 miles one way).  To walk around the lake would be an additional 1.5miles.  There are no buses on this route so the return journey would have to be made by foot or taxi.  An option is to walk through the country park and cross the A1068 at the crossing point into Hadston where the bus back to Amble could be picked up (1.6 miles from Druridge Bay Visitor Centre), or this could be done in reverse and you could walk back to Amble for some well deserved lunch or dinner.

The Northumberland Coastal Path

The Northumberland Coastal Path offers some of the finest coastal walking in Europe. The Path follows this stunningly beautiful coastline for 100 kilometres (62 Miles) from Cresswell in the south to Berwick-upon-Tweed in the north. Alongside sandy beaches, over rocky headlands, past dramatic castles and through attractive coastal villages, the Northumberland Coast Path offers a constantly changing landscape which is a pleasure to explore. Radcliffes Lodge is located directly on this iconic walk and is well situated as a first nights stop or last nights stop depending on which direction you do it.

St Oswalds Way

St Oswald’s Way  is a long-distance walking route, exploring some of the finest landscapes and fascinating history of Northumberland. The route links some of the places associated with St. Oswald, the King of Northumbria in the early 7th Century, who played a major part in bringing Christianity to his people.

From Holy Island (Lindisfarne) in the north, St. Oswald’s Way follows the stunning Northumberland coast, before heading inland across beautiful countryside to Heavenfield and Hadrian’s Wall in the south, a distance of 97 miles (156 km). You will find castles, coastline, islands, scenic river valleys, hills, attractive villages, forest and farmland on your walk. Radcliffes Lodge is perfectly placed just under 2 miles off the route in Amble. 

Check out or Komoot page for all our recommended routes.

Running, Duathlons & Triathlons

Our local parkrun takes place at Druridge Bay Country Park  which is only a 10 minute drive away.  Druridge Bay Country Park and the QEII Country Park also host some top duathlons and triathlons run by Vo2Maxracing