Tony’ surprise 60th Birthday Party (Not our Tony!)

Feb 18, 2023 | Uncategorised

18th – 19th February 2023

What a great weekend our guests had. Julia, Tony’ s wife booked out Quay West, our luxury 3 bed Apartment with balcony and hot tub overlooking Amble marina, for a weeks stay. Jenna their daughter then booked the whole lodge for family and friends for a surprise party on the saturday night.Tony was taken out for the day by julia and 2 friends to Seahouses, to get him out of the way whilst the friends and family arrived at the lodge. There then followed a very hectic few hours whilst the communal lounge dining and room were decorated and food prepped.

I don’t think we had ever had as much food and drink in our kitchen, Jenna and her helpers then did a fantastic job of turning all those shopping bags into a fantastic spread of savoury dishes, desserts and even managed building a croque-en-bouche.

After a tip off from her mum, Jenna gathered everyone outside to meet Tony as he arrived back from his day out, still non the wiser to the planned party, and what a surprise…..

Details of the rest of the evening get a little blurry from here as a little alcohol was involved but we were assured that the evening was a great success. They even managed a nostalgic picture show just to remind Tony of his 60 years. A late check out was arranged to help with any sore heads the next morning and by late lunchtime they all left leaving the lodge very quiet, well apart from the buzz of hoovers and our girls busying about cleaning the lodge ready for more guests that evening.

A big thank you to Julia, Tony and Jenna for a great weekend, we love to see the lodge used to its full potential and buzzing with people.


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